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Studio Drydock is a new game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We are currently working on a new title and will have plenty to share on it soon!

About Us

Studio Drydock was founded with two missions that combine our love of science and creativity:

Studio Drydock was founded by Amanda Schofield, formerly the senior producer of The Sims FreePlay for 6 years, and Alex Holkner, former studio technical director at EA Firemonkeys. We have a combined 20 years of experience building iOS and Android games that have been enjoyed by an audience of hundreds of millions.

Portrait of Amanda

Amanda Schofield

Amanda has worked in the games industry as an Engineer, Creative Director, Game GM and Senior Producer for Australian games studios IronMonkey and EA Firemonkeys. Her most notable title was The Sims Freeplay, where she wore many of these hats.

As founder of Studio Drydock, she hopes to take everything she has learned from these various roles and build games alongside our players that adapt to their needs and to build an open community where players have a say in the direction the games take.

Portrait of Alex

Alex Holkner

Alex is a programmer with over 20 years experience, many at EA Firemonkeys working on mobile games including The Sims FreePlay, the Need for Speed and Real Racing series, Dead Space and Mass Effect.

Alex occasionally writes on technical topics related to game development at his blog, partiallydisassembled.

Portrait of Ben

Ben O'Reilly

Ben has worked in the games industry for 11 years as a 3D artist. He has developed games for Nintendo DS & Wii, iOS and Android. Ben has produced artwork for mobile games titles such as Need for Speed, Mass Effect and The Sims Freeplay.


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