about Studio Drydock

Studio Drydock was founded by Amanda Schofield, formerly the senior producer of The Sims FreePlay for 6 years, and Alex Holkner, former studio technical director at EA Firemonkeys.

Together they have a combined 20 years of experience building iOS and Android games that have been enjoyed by an audience of hundreds of millions.

The studio was formed to develop games for the underserved audience who are not interested in violent and/or heavily skill-based games; and that want to see and express themselves and their heritage in the games they play.

We build games at a speed and openness which allows for frequent learning and subsequently adaptation from player feedback.

our team

Portrait of Amanda

Amanda Schofield

Amanda has worked in the games industry as an Engineer, Creative Director, Game GM and Senior Producer for Australian games studios IronMonkey and EA Firemonkeys. Her most notable title was The Sims Freeplay, where she wore many of these hats.

As founder of Studio Drydock, she hopes to take everything she has learned from these various roles and build games alongside our players that adapt to their needs and to build an open community where players have a say in the direction the games take.

Portrait of Alex

Alex Holkner

Alex is a programmer with over 20 years experience, many at EA Firemonkeys working on mobile games including The Sims FreePlay, the Need for Speed and Real Racing series, Dead Space and Mass Effect.

Alex occasionally writes on technical topics related to game development at his blog, partiallydisassembled.net.

Portrait of Andra

Andra Ivy

Andra is a 3D artist specializing in props and environments. She has previously worked in animation on The Lego Movie 2, Hello Ninja, and Disney's Vampirina. This is her first game experience and is very excited because she has been a gamer since forever. She also loves cats.

Portrait of Ben

Ben O'Reilly

Ben has worked in the games industry for 11 years as a 3D artist. He has developed games for Nintendo DS & Wii, iOS and Android. Ben has produced artwork for mobile games titles such as Need for Speed, Mass Effect and The Sims Freeplay.

Portrait of Brandon

Brandon Garman

Brandon is a midwest-based VFX artist, driving the production of visual effects from concept to completion. In his free time, Brandon experiments with new particle and shader techniques through small projects and looks forward to working on more fantasy and sci-fi games. You can find him on ArtStation.

Portrait of Desiree

Desiree Cifre

Desiree is a narrative designer who was the lead writer on games such as Match Town Makeover and Mean Girls: High School Showdown, and has worked on other titles for mobile, Nintendo DS, and PC. She strives to craft stories that are exciting and accessible for both experienced and new players.

Portrait of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ballou

Elizabeth is a writer and narrative designer who has helped create games for the American Museum of Natural History and SheroHub. An upcoming solo game, A Thousand Cuts, will be released by Jennifer Ann's Group. She has an MFA in game design from New York University's Game Center.

Portrait of Ina

Ina Tomecek

Ina is a 3D Environment artist with a love for hand-painted, illustrative props and environments. This is Ina's first experience in game development outside of school, but aims to continue working on wholesome, friendly game experiences. You can see her work on www.inatomecek.com.

Portrait of Iona

Iona Vorster

Iona specialises in concept art and character design, and has created characters for several new IPs at Mighty Kingdom prior to joining Studio Drydock. You can see her work at www.ionavorster.com.

Portrait of John

John Guscott

Over the past two decades, John Guscott has worked as a composer, sound designer, and audio director across a vast range of titles; from high profile console games to the latest Virtual Reality experiences that push the boundaries of current technology. He has a particular interest in interactive music design. Since 2006 he has been based in Melbourne, Australia.

Portrait of Kate

Kate Blackshear

Kate is a 3D environment artist with a passion for environmental storytelling, going on her second year of game development. She worked previously with Will Wright and the team at Gallium on his next AI simulation game, Proxi, before joining the Studio Drydock crew. You can find her on ArtStation and Twitter.

Portrait of Kelly

Kelly Grady

Kelly is a 2D artist/animator based in Canada building our UI/UX experience. She has over a decade of experience in graphic design and game development, including at Glu Games contributing to games including Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Stardom: Hollywood and Taylor Swift: The Swift Life. You can view her portfolio at kelly-grady.com.

Portrait of Kyle

Kyle Dey

Kyle is a 3D generalist with over 14 years of industry experience crafting world-class 3D assets across video games, TV animation and commercials. Previous titles include Country Friends, Mech Mice, Veggie Tales, The Penguins of Madagascar, Robot and Monster, and more.

Portrait of Letoya

Letoya Muraru

Letoya is a 2D and 3D artist who loves bringing stories to life visually with expressive, vibrant colours and shapes. Before joining Studio Drydock, Letoya worked with Dragonbear Studios developing art for their game Innchanted. You can find more of her work on her portfolio.

Portrait of Mike

Mike Taylor

Mike has been animating characters for over 20 years. His work spans video games, commercials, mobile apps and museum displays, bringing to life iconic characters from, among other things, Lord of the Rings, Cheetos, DC Comics, US History and the Toys Hall of Fame. See his work on Vimeo.

Portrait of Riley

Riley Hanlin

Riley is a 3D artist with 5 years of experience crafting beautiful environments. She has worked on many indie titles but is best known for her work on The Station. You can see her work at ArtStation.

Portrait of Sarah

Sarah Spiers

Sarah is an award-winning game producer who has worked with education leaders and Fortune 500 companies to bring their IP to the games industry. In her free time, Sarah volunteers at the International Game Developers Association Foundation as the Executive Producer, where she oversees the execution of the diversity, equity, and inclusion scholarship programs. Follow her on Twitter.

Portrait of Soo-Ling

Soo-Ling Lyle Tassell

Soo-Ling is a veteran with over 20 years in the computer games industry crafting beautiful characters for games including Overcooked 2, Sonic Dash and Country Friends. You can visit her on ArtStation.

work with us

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