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UI Artist

Posted July 1 2019

This will be an upcoming position in the next few months for a UI Artist to help us bring a brand-new game to life.

Send us an email at if you'd like us to ping you when we have more information.

About Studio Drydock

Studio Drydock is making games for diverse audiences, and it's super-important to us that we start with our staff. We encourage you to apply even if you don't think you meet all of the criteria.

We intend for our games to carry a message, and to be a product of the times they are created in. Regardless of whether you're with us for a short or long time, we hope that you will be able to imprint on this message with your own stories and point of view.

You won't find any guns or explosions in Studio Drydock games; we're making experiences for the vast majority of the world that finds fun in creativity, exploration and building.