Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the ways in which Studio Drydock games collect, transmit, store, use and dispose of data obtained during gameplay.

Last updated 18 May 2020.

Gameplay Analytics

Games made by Studio Drydock may automatically collect and transmit information to our servers during gameplay to assist us in making improvements to the gameplay experience. The information collected may include:

This data is tagged with a randomly-generated “user identifier” that is used to distinguish data collected on your device from other devices; but in no way identifies you personally. In particular, we never collect any personal information such as your name, device name, device identifier, IP address, MAC address, vendor or advertising identifier. We deliberately do not collect enough information to correlate your information with any other source; such as data from other games, apps, or ads you view.

All data is transmitted to our servers using industry-standard encryption techniques, making it unlikely that a third-party such as your ISP can intercept the information.

Once the data is collected on our servers, it is stored in a secure database which has restricted access to our employees only. We do not share this data outside the company. The data is used in aggregate along with data collected from all other players to inform our business and gameplay design decisions, and to investigate and resolve technical and customer support issues. Non-aggregated data is deleted automatically after three months.

You may view the “user identifier” we use to identify your gameplay sessions in the settings menu. At your request, we can provide you with a export of the non-disposed data collected against your identifier, and/or delete any non-aggregated data with your identifier from our servers.

Unity Analytics

Our games are made with the Unity game development platform. This platform also collects and transmits data to Unity Technologies. For details on this, please see the Unity Privacy Policy.

Support Tickets

Our games include a feature to request support from our team, and to provide feedback. This is opt-in from the settings menu. If you request support, we include information on your gameplay session along with your support request. This information includes some of the information described above under “gameplay analytics”, including the randomly-generated user-identifier, as well as your most recent savegame. The data collected is stored securely on our server and is only accessible to authorised employees.

Web Site

We do not collect any personal information when you browse We do not store cookies. The server does not retain IP addresses beyond the technical needs to support the operations of the web server. is cached via Cloudflare to improve performance and reduce our exposure to malicious attack. Please see the Cloudflare Privacy Policy for details on how they treat your data.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns, at